The Way Nature Intended

Welcome to Wolf Mountain Products — your source for the leading soil experts and nature’s finest soil enhancement products. We take the lead from Mother Nature, providing effective, environmentally-friendly lawn and plant care solutions. Equipped with years of experience growing plants in agricultural settings, golf courses and nurseries, Wolf Mountain Products understands what it takes to make things grow right — the way nature intended.

At Wolf Mountain, we have three brands; Designer Soils®, firsTurf®, and our company’s namesake Wolf Mountain Products®. The Wolf Mountain brand is primarily known as a supplier of bulk products. We supply retail nurseries, municipalities, contractors, landscapers, golf courses and other bag vendors. We supply barks, soils amendments, composts, playground chips, ground covers and other like products. We have facilities Utah, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico and have partnerships that extend our reach into California, Oregon, Washington and elsewhere.

Designer Soils® is our bagged products brand. We have a wide range of retail bag products that include: garden mixes, fertilizer enhanced soil amendments, coconut coir based products, high quality composts, ground covers, landscape rocks and other products. Under Designer Soils, we also offer Professional Grow mixes for professional growers, nurseries and greenhouses. These include soil-less mixes that are Canadian sphagnum peat moss or coconut coir (imported from Sri Lanka) based mixes. Lastly, we offer high quality liquid fertilizers for retail and professional growers under this label.

firsTurf is our liquid fertilizer brand where we offer specialty liquid nutrition products for golf, turf and other markets. These include slow release nitrogen (under the brand N-SURE®), potassium (KTS®), beneficial microbes, liquid humic acid and other high quality products.

By adding Wolf Mountain Products to your outdoor project — be it large or small — we will enable you to improve the growth of the plants and turf. With Wolf Mountain Products you are now the expert and have the power of high quality bark and wood-based products at your disposal to improve soil profiles, water retention, root structure and overall plant health.

We offer a broad range of products: soil amendments, ground covers, playground chips. Please look around our site, get to know our products and have a look at our FAQ.

Wolf Mountain services a broad area directly, and through a large network of distributors and resellers. For all our retail bag products, please see our “Where to Buy” page on the Designer Soils website. For bulk products call us to find out how to buy our products and who your local resellers are. If you are intersted in becoming a distributor or reseller, please call us, or email us, for information. We are always interested in expanding our network of quality nurseries, greenhouses and home-improvement centers.